Ilex Cafe & Events


Sweet Breakfast 


Coconut Set Chia 12
strawberry & plum tea pears, black sesame brittle, shiso and preserved plum 


Banana Waffle 21
smoked maple, whipped peanut butter, praline, banana milk ice cream

Savoury Breakfast 

Ilex Breakfast 24

poached eggs, Peter Timbs sausage, bacon,  pastrami hash, buttered spinach & mustard hollandaise 

Breakfast Bruschetta 22

avocado, pancetta. Broccolini, fried egg, rocket, feta

Mushrooms on Rye 21

Roasted mushrooms, mascarpone, parsley, poached eggs lemon, parmesan on midnight rye



Akaroa Salmon 26

Wood fired  Salmon, roast carrot, puy lentils, green olives, lemon,  smoked yogurt & salsa verde


Canterbury Black Angus 23

Flank steak, truffle fries, chimichurri, rocket, parmesan and horseradish


Peter Timbs  Steak and Cheese Burger 24

two smoked brisket & chuck patties, grilled cheese, pickled red onions, burger sauce on a Grizzly burger bun fries & aioli


Stoneyhurst Lamb 22

Braised lamb pappardelle, green olive, parsley, green chili chutney  and pecorino romano 


Autumn Mushrooms and Milmore Downs grains 21

Farmed and wild mushrooms with , barley wheat berries, black garlic, herbs, lemon good oil sunflower oil and vegan feta


Seared beef sandwich, onion marmalade truffle mayonnaise, salsa verde 12


Avocado, green goddess, spinach, kale, toasted sourdough 10


Ham, swiss cheese and dijon mustard on midnight rye 8


Salmon bagel, dill, sour cream, capers & mesclun 14


Salads 6 as a side 14 as a plate


Grilled Cauliflower, currants, , sunflower seed, sumac, mint,  date & molasses vinaigrette vegan


Broccoli, almonds, avocado creme, ricotta, spinach, kale & herb dressing vegetarian


Roast Carrot, puy lentils, green olives, lemon, yogurt, coriander,parsley and bread & butter pickles vegetarian


Soup 8 for a cup 14 for a bowl


Spring Collective Organic Pumpkin soup with sour cream, pumpkin seeds and sourdough 

Side 8.00


Shoestring fries, ranch dressing and sauce watties


Kids(of all ages)

Kids Lunch pack-Ham and cheese sandwich, carrot sticks, raisins, mandarin and a cookie 9.00

Roma Burger-beef, cheese, special sauce, fries and tomato sauce 12.00

Kids Boysenberry waffle, frozen custard and dulce de luce. 10.00